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     After many years of ministry in local churches and extensive travel in the United States and overseas, I see something that Christians world wide have in common. When they are born again and come into a personal relationship with Jesus, there is a joy and lightness in their life. Everything is different and they have come to know a peace within that leads to a smile on their face and skip in their step. Everyone and everything is beautiful. I am sorry to say that this euphoria doesn’t last long. Some people will say it is because they don’t keep the principles that the Bible teaches. I don’t think that is it at all.

     What happens next to so many people is they are introduced to something that will most certainly doom them to failure. Not only will it doom them to failure, it is also unnecessary in the life of the believer. What is this thing that has caused so many Christians to live in defeat and discouragement? The thing that ultimately leads to defeat, discouragement and lack of peace in the life of a believer is religion. Religion tells you that there is something you need to do to be right with God when God says that He has already done it. You only need to believe Him that He has done it. Religion tells you that you must keep the law to be right with God when God says that the purpose of the law was to show you how much you needed a savior and that there was no hope without Him. You couldn’t live up to the law to be saved and you can’t live up to the law after you are saved. I have good news for the believer, you don’t have to live up to the law, Jesus did and He counted it to you. He gave you His righteousness, His holiness, His position, His son ship because He wanted to do it. You simply believe Him and receive this new life, His life which is now your life. You could not have even believed Him if He had not given you the gift of faith, Ephesians 2:8,9. It is a free gift not deserved or worked for by man. You couldn’t earn it and it was freely given to you. What a great Grace gift, the ability to believe in Him.

     It is my desire that Christians will regain that child like faith that they had when they were first saved and will again come to walk in the peace in Christ that is theirs.
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Craig Snyder